The Treatment Process

The treatment process consists of a series of steps. First, raw water is taken from the Alum Creek Reservoir and the Olentangy River and sent to the Raw Water Building where potassium permanganate is fed for Zebra Mussel control. From the Raw Water Building, the water goes to the Flash Mixer where ferric chloride and lime are added. The addition of these substances cause small particles to adhere to one another (called ‘floc’) making them heavy enough to settle into a basin from which sediment is removed. After settling, the water is treated with carbon dioxide to stabilize the water. The water is filtered through layers of fine coal and silicate sand. As smaller, suspended particles are removed, turbidity disappears and clear water emerges. Finally, as a precaution against any bacteria that might remain, chlorine is added. The water is then pumped to sanitized, underground reservoirs, water towers and into your home and business. We carefully monitor the amount of chlorine, adding the lowest quantity necessary to protect the safety of your water without compromising taste. Fluoride is also added to our water, and pH balance is maintained by adding phosphate to reduce corrosion in the distribution system and the plumbing in your home and business.