Temporary Water Options

Temporary Water Options & Procedures

Del-Co Water has three different options for customers or contractors to access temporary water service for filling a pool, water truck, providing water to a construction site or festival and other applications as needed. The customer or contractor should pick the application that best meets their needs and proceed according to the procedures listed below.

Option #1 – Fire Hydrant Meter – Del-Co Water does not provide or rent temporary hydrant meters

  • When choosing this option the customer/contractor shall first determine that a hydrant is accessible to their site without having to cross major roads or intersections with the hoses or temporary water supply lines.
  1. The customer/contractor will be required to bring the hydrant meter with the appropriate backflow prevention device to the Del-Co Water Engineering Office for inspection and to obtain a permit.
  • There is no cost for the permit
  • Permit is valid for 6 months
  • Meter must register in gallons
  • Typically a 1” meter or smaller will allow you to connect to any fire hydrant on our system. If you are purchasing a new hydrant, please confirm with the Del-Co Water Engineering Office to confirm that the size of meter you purchase will work in the area you would like to use it in.
  • Del-Co will require a meter reading monthly and will provide a bill at the time the reading is obtained and when the permit expires or meter usage is terminated.
  1. During the inspection process Del-Co will verify that the hydrant location on the Del-Co Water system that the customer/contractor wishes to use is acceptable for use. If the proposed hydrant is not acceptable to Del-Co, an alternative location will be provided. The criteria for use is based off of the size of the meter being used vs. the available flow pressure in the area.
  2. Hydrant operating requirements –
  • A hydrant wrench is required to remove/replace caps and to operate the hydrant. The use of pipe wrenches and other tools are strictly prohibited
  • The meter and backflow prevention device should be supported to alleviate strain on the hydrant nozzles. Damage to the hydrant will be repaired by Del-Co Water at the customer/contractor’s expense
  • Insure that the hydrant is shut off properly and the barrel of the hydrant drains prior to replacing the caps to the nozzles. If the barrel does not drain properly, contact Del-Co Water for assistance.
  • The hydrant must be open a minimum of ten turns in order to prevent water from being forced from the hydrant drain holes and coming to the surface.

Option #2 – Fill Station Located at 6658 Olentangy River Road (available 24 hours per day)

  • This option requires the customer/contractor to have a top fill tank or truck.
  1. To access this option the customer/contractor will need to visit Del-Co Water’s Administration Office located at 6658 Olentangy River Road to set up an account and obtain a PIN number.
  2. Once the customer/contractor has established an account and obtained a PIN number, they can now access the Fill Station to access this water source.

Option #3 – Temporary Water Meter Pit Installation

  • This option is typically used for construction sites where temporary water service will be required for an extended period of time and a temporary hydrant meter cannot be used due to the lack of hydrants in the area or the need for temporary water extending through the winter months.
  1. The customer/contractor will be required to contact Del-Co Water Engineering Department to verify that access to water service is available to the location.
  2. Once it has been determined that water service is available to the site, the customer/contractor will be required to complete the required paperwork and pay the appropriate fees for the size of meter being requested.
  3. At the time Del-Co receives the completed paperwork and fees, the tap installation will be forwarded to Del-Co’s Distribution Department for installation
  • Average wait time for meter installation is 8-10 weeks.
  1. The customer/contractor will be required to meet any backflow prevention device requirements and to construct the service line from the temporary meter pit location to the point of use.
  2. At the completion of the project, Del-Co Water will remove the temporary meter pit and discontinue billing the customer/contractor

Hydrant Meter Detail