Meter/Property Access


Every tap install performed by Del-Co Water requires an easement, signed by the tap purchaser and notarized, that grants the utility or the utility’s subcontractors access to the company’s assets for installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement. Also, Del-Co’s Rules and Regulations require that the meter location be kept clear and unobstructed at all times. Keeping this area clear ensures that your meter readings can be regularly & accurately collected, and your water shut-off valve is accessible in the event of an emergency. Some examples of why a Del-Co representative might enter your property are:

–  Meter Reading/Repairs

–  Utility Locating/Marking

–  Leak Investigation

–  Valve Exercising

While Del-Co’s offices are typically open Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm, there are instances, such as an unscheduled shutdown due to a line break, when private property access is necessary after-hours.

All Del-Co employees have a company-issued photo ID that can be presented to the customer upon request, and no Del-Co employee or representative will attempt to collect payment from you.

 If you have any concerns regarding a Del-Co employee entering your property you can contact Customer Service at 740-548-7746.