FAQ - Keena (Del-Co's Canine Leak Detection Associate)

Keena. The name has American roots with perhaps some Irish influence and it means “brave”.

Keena is a Belgian Malinois from a long line of service canine here in Central Ohio. She may reach 24 inches tall and weigh 40 to 60 pounds. The Malinois are in the shepherd family and a breed of medium-sized herding dogs. The American Kennel Club describes them as highly trainable and very energetic.

Zach is Del-Co Water’s experienced detection dog handler. He is a central Ohio native and brings a decade of experience training and using canines for various types of service work. He loves the Belgian Malinois breed and now has two trained Belgians.

Del-Co Water has been in business 50 years and manages more than 2,200 miles of water distribution pipeline serving more than 54,000 customers in eight counties. We are using leak detection solutions spanning from sophisticated satellite imaging to the sensitive scent tracking of a canine. Water leaks are rare and can occasionally be costly, so this program satisfies both environmental and business continuity service priorities. Del-Co is proud of the privilege of serving you and this is yet one more way we assure high quality service.

Yes. There are thousands of water treatment facilities nationwide and all of them face the same leak management conservation challenges. Very few, however, are as committed to conservation as Del-Co Water and have invested in a canine detection program. We feel conservation is a high priority that requires various solutions. A leak detection canine program works in real-time and can move swiftly across our extensive pipeline.

You can see pictures of Keena and Zach on the Del-Co Water web pages in the Customer Service section. There are numerous short video clips showing them in action. In real life, you may see them on the job, at a fair, or even doing a demonstration for a school.

If you have concerns about a leak at your property, please contact customer service and they can work with you to help you try to diagnose the leak.