FAQ - Customer Service

Water bills are based on how much water is actually used. There are a number of different reasons that can contribute to a higher water bill. Watering the lawn or garden, additional occupants, and leaks can increase your water bill. The amount of days in the billing cycle can vary from month to month and occasionally there will be an extra week of usage.

Check your toilet. The most common and most costly water waste is from a leaking toilet. Have you heard your toilets refilling when not being used or does the handle sometimes get stuck? Sometimes there can be a leak that can’t even be seen or heard but a simple dye test can help determine if there is a problem. First, flush your toilet and after it fully refills put a few drops of food coloring in the back tank. Then, wait about an hour and see if any of the color comes down into the bottom bowl. If color shows up the flapper valve or plunger ball valve in the back tank may need replaced. Do this in each toilet in the house including ones that are rarely used.

If your toilet does not seem to be the cause there are several other possibilities that can account for higher usage. Be sure to check outdoor spigots and hoses, leaking faucets, hot water tanks, water softeners, ice makers, humidifiers or sump pumps that run on water back up. If none of these seem to solve your problem you may need to call a plumber or have your service line checked for leaks.

Only payments with bill stubs can be mailed to the Post Office Box address on your bill. All other correspondence or payments without bill stubs (must include account number) can be mailed to:

6658 Olentangy River Rd
Delaware, OH 43015

In Person:
6658 Olentangy River Rd
Delaware, OH 43015

4940 ST RT 229
Marengo, OH 43334

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm (Closed all major holidays)
Night drop is available after hours at both Delaware and Marengo offices.

All First Commonwealth Bank branches (must have bill stub and will not accept payments from delinquent accounts)

Automatic Payments
Will be drafted out of a checking account on or about due date of your invoice. You are able to sign up within the customer portal after you have signed in or please fill out the Automatic Payment Enroll Form and mail to: 6658 Olentangy River Rd. Delaware, OH 43015. There is no charge for this service.

Automated phone payment with Debit/Credit Card or Electronic Check ($3.00 fee):
Please call 1-877-768-8261 or call our office and choose option 1 for Customer Service then choose option 2 for Automated Bill Payment System. If after hours please choose option 4. You may pay with Visa, MasterCard, and Discover or with an Electronic Check for an immediate payment. You must have your account number to use this option. If you have made a payment and your service has been disconnected or is in jeopardy of disconnection, a phone call to our office is required.

Online with Debit or Credit card ($2.95 fee):
Immediate payments can be made using Visa, MasterCard and Discover by paying through our customer website here. Your card information is never saved and must be entered each time a payment is made. If you have made an online payment and your service has been disconnected or is in jeopardy of disconnection, a phone call to our office is required.

Contact your bank for details about paying through their online bill pay service.

There is a $20 charge for checks/ACH returned from a bank for any reason.

Account is considered paid when payment is received in the Del-Co Water offices. Del-Co is not responsible for mail service or electronic transactions.

If you have no water, there are a few possible reasons for the interruption of service:

Non-Payment or a bad check received for payment.
No billing information for a new account.
Construction or repair of water lines near your home.
An emergency outage in your area. Please call our office at 740-548-7746.
Check the main shut off valve if house has been vacant or work has been done at your house.

Freezing temperatures and blowing winds can be the culprits for frozen pipes and meters. If you have lost all water throughout the house check to see if the main service line coming into the house through the foundation is frozen. If you have lost water to only a certain area of you home check for frozen pipes along exterior walls. If a frozen pipe is not the culprit, you may have a frozen meter and will need to call our office at 740-548-7746.

Please contact our Customer Service department to set up or discontinue service. We will need at least one business day notice and can complete final readings on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. We do not do final readings on Thursdays or weekends.

Please contact our Customer Service department Monday thru Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm at 740-548-7746.

Yes! Please log into the customer portal from the “Pay Bill” link. From there you can update your bill preference.

We will work with you and will do our best to help avoid any termination of water service. Please call customer service Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm before your service is due to be disconnected.

Yes, each user shall pay a minimum charge for each meter based on the size of the meter installed, for which the user will be entitled to the quantity of water set in the metered schedule of rates.

No we do not. All water used is billed the same regardless of how the water is used.

No we do not. Del-Co Water only provides water.

A delinquent notice will be mailed to the customer if the amount due on the account has not been paid in full by the due date of a regular invoice. Failure to pay past due balances may result in additional fees and the disconnection of water service. Receiving a regular invoice after a delinquent notice has been issued does not change the disconnect date indicated on the delinquent notice. Please notify Del-Co water of payments made toward delinquent accounts. Should the water service to a delinquent property be disconnected the delinquent account balance and all associated fees must be paid in full before water service is restored. Water service may not be restored the same day it was disconnected.