Del-Co Water would like to welcome you as a valued member to our water system. As you may be aware, the Village of Centerburg agreed to allow Del-Co Water to provide water service to the Village and incorporate all current customers of the village water system into the Del-Co Water System.

Del-Co has a prepared packet of the necessary paperwork to become a customer. Please contact the Project Manager, Natalie Linkous, at 1-800-521-6779 Ext. 6605 or at and we will mail the paperwork directly to you. All property owners need to fill out this paperwork by October 5, 2018.

Water Users Agreement:
In order for the Del-Co Water Company to operate in compliance with the Rules and Regulations, it is necessary to have an executed Water User’s Agreement on file for each water service. You will need to sign this agreement as part of becoming a member.

Del-Co Easement:
Since Del-Co is a non-profit cooperative, we install our waterlines and service meters on private property rather than in the public right of way whenever possible. All members are required to grant Del-Co Water an easement as a membership requirement. All owners of the property (and their spouses if applicable) are required to sign the right-of-way easement in front of a Notary Public. Del-Co will have Notaries available as a convenience at all three public meetings. You may also contact the Project Manager, Natalie Linkous, to schedule an appointment.

Thermal Expansion Tank Reimbursement:
Thermal expansion tanks are necessary to reduce the risk of damage to your household plumbing system, including your hot water tank. Thermal Expansion occurs when the water in the interior plumbing expands as a result of being heated by the hot water tank. Del-Co Water’s service meters are equipped with a check valve that makes the water piping after the meter a “closed” system.  The pressure can be great enough to burst your hot water tank and piping. The pressure relief valve on the hot water tank should not be relied upon to relieve the excess pressure. It may be corroded after several years of service and not working properly. When sized and installed properly, the thermal expansion tank allows for expansion of the excess volume minimizing the development of high pressure. Additional information to help you properly size the thermal expansion tank can be found at the following link: Thermal Expansion Tanks.

Del-Co will reimburse you $100 per Del-Co customer location to assist in the installation cost of the Thermal Expansion Tank. This amount will not be given until a signed Water User’s Agreement, Del-Co Easement, Cross Control Questionnaire, and Thermal Expansion Tank Agreement are submitted to Del-Co.

Billing – Payment options for Del-Co Water bills
Meters will be read the fourth full week of every month, billed the following week, and are due the last week of the month.  Tenants of single family homes will be required to pay a tenant deposit to Del-Co Water. Owner occupied homes or businesses do not require a deposit.
Any deposit(s) you may currently have with the Village of Centerburg will be handled separately.

Water Rates –  Del-Co Water Rates

In addition to the standard Del-Co rates, Centerburg water customers will be required to pay a Centerburg Surcharge (based off of your meter size) in addition to the regular Del-Co Water bill for a period of 40 years.  This fee is for Del-Co to recover costs incurred in connecting the existing water system and assuming the system. A standard residential connection will have an approximate Centerburg Surcharge of about $7.26 a month (for a standard 5/8” meter, which is typical for a single family home). If you are unsure of what size connection your property will have, please contact the Project Manager, Natalie Linkous, for assistance.

Fire Line Annual Fee
Centerburg customers that are identified as having an existing fire line will be required to pay an annual maintenance fee based upon the diameter of their fire line. Del-Co covers maintenance of the fire line up to within five (5) feet of where the fire line enters the building. Please contact the Project Manager, Natalie Linkous, to find out what the maintenance fee on your fire line will be.

Outside Service Meter Installation
Following the closing date, Del-Co Water will begin the process of installing outside meter pits, which in most cases will be in your front yard behind your existing curb box. The installation will require the excavation of a small area of your yard and a short interruption of your water service. Del‐Co Water will restore your property after the completion of this work. If you have a single service line but multiple meters in your home or business, Del‐Co will only install one meter on your service line, which means the property owner will receive a single water bill for all water usage at the property. If necessary, Del‐Co will install a larger meter to provide capacity at a level greater than or equal to the current capacity provided by the sum of your existing water meters.  Properties that fit the multi-meter criterion have been identified during the initial data review, and Del-Co will send a letter to those property owners explaining the process and options in more detail. The water service line from the new meter leading up to and into your home or business is the responsibility of the property owner.  Replacement of this service line is not required, but Del-Co strongly encourages all property owners consider replacing their aging service line at the time your property is disturbed due to the installation of the new outdoor meter. A list of contractors who are willing to provide quotes on service line replacements will be provided in your information packet or contact the Project Manager, Natalie Linkous, to have the list sent to you. Even though an outside meter will be installed, the existing meter(s) located inside your home or business will remain for your use.
Service Line and Thermal Expansion Tank Contractors

Cross Connection Control (Backflow):
In accordance with the Ohio Revised Code, the Del-Co Water Company runs a cross connection control program which is often referred to as the backflow program. A cross-connection is a piping arrangement where an alternate water source could backflow into the Distribution System and thus affect the health and safety of other water customers. To protect you from this, Del-Co Water established a Backflow Program to track the existence of potential cross-connections and to require the proper backflow prevention device. If you currently own and maintain a backflow prevention device, please be prepared to send your annual test report to Del-Co Water for the 2019 calendar year. We will provide you reminders of this requirement when appropriate.

Water Quality
Immediately following the closing date of the merger, Del-Co will begin providing water to the Village of Centerburg and the village’s existing water plant will be shut down. You may notice some slight changes to the taste of your water within the first week after the closing due to differences in the chemistry of the Del-Co Water versus the Centerburg Village water. We are confident that most of these issues will clear up within a few weeks, but you may experience some slight taste and odor issues that may linger while your existing water piping adjusts to the change in the water chemistry. Del-Co has water quality experts available to address any problems you may experience.


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